Becky is a blessing. The great thing about working with her is how quick she is. Stuff that takes other people four hours takes her two. And if she doesn’t know how to do something, she’ll teach herself, and still do it faster than most people. I can count on her getting things done accurately and completely, as well. It’s such a relief to know that my materials will be good looking, readable and goof-free, my finances under control and my travel arrangements complete. I can’t tell you how much I’ve relaxed since I’ve started working with Becky — it’s even given me enough time to write a book!

Lisa Marshall, Principal, The Smart Work Company

I knew I needed administrative help, but I held off thinking that I’d have to do double work both teaching the virtual assistant and doing my other work. I took the plunge and hired Theresa Hogan and the results have far exceeded my expectations.

I didn’t get the administrative help I’d hoped for. Instead I got a thought partner, proof reader, content feedback all wrapped up in an education professional. She’s helped me launch a company, produce a website, plan a kick off event and more. If that wasn’t enough she helped me through some of those exhausting personal life challenges that in the past lead me to waste hours. This includes mundane activities like dealing with cable companies, movers and repairing those nagging website sign up forms.

Rich Tafel, The Public Squared

Michele, I can’t thank you enough for the help you so generously gave us at the conference. Your presence was so affirming and helpful. You jumped in to do a gazillion things, all with a unique degree of caring, professionalism and good cheer. You made a busy time fun and easy! There’s always a bit of a learning curve in working with anyone new but you made it so easy to trust that everything would be taken care of. I totally value your beautiful trustworthiness, your sincerity and your big heart. I loved working with you — you rock!

Karen Lam, Principal Consultant, Compass International Consulting

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the service I have received from Virtually Detailed. While being a “do-it-yourselfer” most of the time, I have been grateful for the expertise you have provided for those projects that were beyond my ability or the ones I simply did not have time to do. Whether it is help in designing a website, editing a picture in Photo Shop, or getting advice on my latest marketing project, Virtually Detailed has been extremely responsive and quick to meet my needs, whether big or small. It is like having a partner to share the responsibilities when needed! Thank you!

Linda Munson, Ram Leather Care

How do I describe what Becky does for me? Virtual Assistant doesn’t begin to say it. Whether I am struggling with a technical problem, a production problem or a marketing problem, Becky keeps me focused, bring in resources or going out and find them, and she won’t stop until we have a workable, satisfying solution. With Virtually Detailed on my team, my offer is bigger, my materials more professional and my capacity to do the work I love is increased exponentially.

Karen V. Bading, Principal, Infrasonics Coaching and Consulting

Rebecca Beauman is an exceptionally talented business assistant who accomplishes more work in a short period of time than anyone who has assisted me in my 20 year career. A joy to work with, Becky possesses an engaging and positive personality. She has learned my business and frequently has useful insights and suggestions. I can trust her to make the right decision on her own, knowing that she will ask for assistance when the issue warrants my attention. She keeps me on track, focused on my business goals and out of the details that bog me down.

Her extraordinarily broad range of talents include website development, creating elegant and usable organizational systems, preparing legal documentation, developing marketing materials, accounting, trouble shooting technology, and preparing handouts and powerpoints for trainings and conferences. Sometimes more like a coach than an assistant, she is excited and involved in making my business successful. I have recommended Becky to numerous colleagues, all of whom have given me rave reviews and become repeat clients.

Janet Crawford, Cascadance

It has been less than a week since I started working with Theresa and I can already see a huge difference in my life. I am calmer and more prepared when I am working with my clients. I relax in the evening and I am less distracted once my son comes home in the afternoon. I can tell that as we go forward, I will be even better at coaching because I can focus my energy there. I appreciate your efficiency, energy/enthusiasm, detail-orientation and charm with my clients. Thank you for helping me build my business.

Stephanie K., Executive Coach

I have been working with Becky Beauman for years and in that time her attention to detail, vision, and creativity have enhanced the quality of my articles, presentations, training materials, and work books. Her work increases the professionalism of my materials. Becky is also very flexible in her approach and has met unreasonable deadlines to help me out. I can not imagine having a better partner for my work.

Sandy Mobley, Managing Partner, The Learning Advantage